Sunday, July 19, 2009

The space between.

The recent months have brought so much wonderful news that I often find myself in tears, with butterflies in my stomach. The kind of butterflies that you get when you are completely humbled and know that God's hand is all over it: you see things happening that simply cannot be explained any other way.
Yet, I find myself at times almost avoiding writing about it all because when I sit and dwell on thoughts of Africa the emotions are so overwhelming that I cannot contain it. So I just don't go there. I find myself being "all or nothing." Either I want it all: go back to Africa and live this life that I'm called to, or don't hear any of it because the pain of knowing that I must wait is too much. Maybe I'm too impatient for my own good. I'm praying, praying, praying for answers in this time of debt, of longing, of waiting.
But still, despite my impatience, God is so good.
He is so faithful... bringing children home to this very city with speed and efficiency that we never thought possible. Soon, at least 2 of the children all of us volunteers have known, loved, and prayed for will be embraced by arms of their "forever families." 
He is inspiring... helping spread the dream of the Suubi women through the cities. I've seen Kirsten being an all star in Chicago and rocking the festival circuit, and Anna in TX catching the fever and selling kits... and my college friend Caitlin is considering a year to serve with these woman... and Erica has been spreading the Suubi fever to her campus at USA.

I am amazed.
I am also asking for prayer as I find my niche here in the states, and as some friends of mine are considering a new venture for the boys' home I've written about here before. There's a lot of news there that I want to share but it's not time yet. Just pray. Pray. Pray.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I'm awful at posting updates, even in the midst of so much Uganda-related news that's been happening lately. Quickly though, I wanted to let everyone know to glance at a Relevant magazine this month! Light Gives Heat has been getting some great ads each month, and this month the ad is about an upcoming promotion/collaboration with Jedediah (Jebediah? i need to check later) clothing.
There is a feature on Travis Gravette and Global Support Mission. Which reminds me I never really blogged much about time in Kaihura because of the lack of internet there on my last week. Anyways, check it out if you get the chance!