Monday, March 23, 2009

It's about time.

Sorry for the photo delay. I must admit I was doing good just to post pics on facebook, but I realize that not everyone who follows my blog has a facebook so I thought I'd add a few more on here from time to time. Though I've been home for what seems like forever (and yet still, it could have been that I left last week), Uganda is ever-fresh on my brain. I daydream, night dream, and sometimes even breathe Africa these days (true story: sometimes I try and take a deep inhale from my scarf that I got there).

Katie Snyder sent me some photos from their stash, and from the day she joined me at Amani. Check out more on her blog as well. She also mailed me a rosary that Daisy made me but didn't finish before I left. I am just floored by the fact that Daisy thought of me, and our time at mass together. Not only that, but she sat and hand-rolled these tinier-than-usual paper beads. I have a one-of-a-kind Suubi-esque rosary that I will definitely treasure forever. 

I can't believe he's smiling AND looking at the camera.

awww. i love this candid one.

(photos by katie s.)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spread kit!!!

Yesterday I received my Suubi spread kit in the mail... I can't believe I didnt know about these until right before my trip. In a way, I'm so glad that now I've been... I've seen... I've heard...I've hugged...

Jja jja Margaret showing off her new hairdo

Beautiful, beautiful smiles

Daisy is making YOUR necklace, folks! And doing her thing, laying down the law at a Suubi meeting :)

I've had the pleasure, albeit far too short lived, of meeting and buying directly from these women, and about 120 more. And I hope to do them justice when I talk to people in stores, and person to person and try to increase the local market.

Today I went around to 3 stores in the area where my favourite coffee shop is. It's kind of a hub for the college life in Nashville... the trendy, the fair trade, the bohemian crowd. I've always envisioned Suubi being the perfect product in these stores, so I'm praying that we can get at least one. And if just one here in the Village carries it, I can most likely convince one on 12 South... and maybe one in Cool Springs or Green Hills. Argh. Melissa told the women to be praying for market in the states, and I feel like these are some STRONG prayers coming from these ladies! I'm just praying for God's favor as I talk to the store owners (who have so far all given me the "email this person and send a picture of the product"). I think it's the one bad thing about living in such a crafty little area, because I'm sure they get tons of people coming in pushing products... but I dont care. I'm passionate about this and just hope I can portray that. Even as I sit here, in that coffee shop, I've got my necklace from Agnes around my neck, and several boxes laying across my table. I'm in a high traffic area, just praying for ONE person to talk to, ha. Alright, alright. I'm insane. I've got the fever. And it feels so good.

I've been struggling alot about what I can do here in the states. I feel a little resigned to my fate at work, and I dont know what God's got in store for me next. But I refuse to just sit here, so I've been trying to stay involved as much as I can. Right now, I'm trying to get Suubi placed around town. There's not much to do with Global Support for the time being, no events for now because Travis is traveling and promoting and we just had the This Is Love banquets. I've been floored by the recent development on the Amani adoption front that's going on right here in Nashville... and am hoping that God can use me somehow in assisting these families. Makes me wish I could be some sort of stateside liason for volunteers or families (though I dont feel like I have much expertise in the latter since I havent gone through the process that they will). Anyways, it's a lot to chew on, but I'm happy to do so.

Praying for market, for friends back in Uganda, and for new friends here.