Monday, March 23, 2009

It's about time.

Sorry for the photo delay. I must admit I was doing good just to post pics on facebook, but I realize that not everyone who follows my blog has a facebook so I thought I'd add a few more on here from time to time. Though I've been home for what seems like forever (and yet still, it could have been that I left last week), Uganda is ever-fresh on my brain. I daydream, night dream, and sometimes even breathe Africa these days (true story: sometimes I try and take a deep inhale from my scarf that I got there).

Katie Snyder sent me some photos from their stash, and from the day she joined me at Amani. Check out more on her blog as well. She also mailed me a rosary that Daisy made me but didn't finish before I left. I am just floored by the fact that Daisy thought of me, and our time at mass together. Not only that, but she sat and hand-rolled these tinier-than-usual paper beads. I have a one-of-a-kind Suubi-esque rosary that I will definitely treasure forever. 

I can't believe he's smiling AND looking at the camera.

awww. i love this candid one.

(photos by katie s.)


Joe and Melissa said...

beautiful ladyyy,
yes charel's is the one.
excited for the bags as well. much to do but definitely taking time for breathing and relaxing...and I think tomorrow we are doing showers at NRE!
I miss you a lot and please do share!
love you!

Joe and Melissa said...

we're going to gulu by ourselves this time to visit some friends there and just relax with out having to worry about anything or feel obligated to do anything (which would happen if we wen with a woman). betty's family lives in kitgum so we wont be visiting her family -- but hopefully this fall the whole gang here will go. kymbi and all!

and yes yes I miss shopping with you too!

hope all is well!