Monday, December 22, 2008

tagged, i'm it. (you're next!)

Amy has tagged me, and since I'll admit to doing the occasional survey, I'm going to do this one too. It's not terribly related to my trip, so you can skip this entry if you like! Besides, it makes for a nice packing break.

8 TV Shows I Watch:
1. Lost - more than the show itself, I love watching it with our wonderful Thurs. night crowd!
2. The Office - Jim Halpert... adorable. And I'll watch American or BBC version (recently became addicted to both)
3. Biggest Loser - I get really excited about this one.
4. So You Think You Can Dance (AMERICAN! haha)
5. Jon & Kate Plus 8
6. House
7. America's Next Top Model (oh Nitasha, I miss our viewing nights)
8. Project Runway (this past season was hilarious. I want a Blaine as my friend)

8 Favourite Restaurants: (note there are prolly no fancy restaurants on here because I just haven't been to that many yet!)
1. Ozzie's in Jinja (Amy: I totally agree, especially about the salad dressing!... hey, does Mama Cook count?)
2. Taco Bell
3. Red Lobster
4. Jackson's in Nashville (surprise, surprise)
5. Liquid (sushi restaurant in Mobile with live Jazz trio on wed nights)
6. Fido (another local Nashville spot)
7. Mom/Dad's kitchen - It's not a technical restaurant, but hey. I love some family cookin'.
8. Logan's Roadhouse

8 Things that Happened to me Today:
1. Felt very unprepared for the 10 degree morning as I walked outside...this Alabama girl can't layer too well.
2. I got lots of hugs from patients who I wont see anymore because of my trip
3. A coworker surprised us all with pizza for lunch
4. I got lots of Christmas cards in the mail, and my fave was a pic of my stepsis and two nephews! Adorable.
5. Found out someone very dear to me is pregnant! Don't know if I'm allowed to announce it yet but I am so so so happy for her/them.
6. I am about to wrap Christmas presents and pack up for the drive to Ozark tomorrow.
7. Made a mixed cd for a friend
8. Will be chatting with a cop at 1030 regarding another cop who thought it would be cool to look me up on Facebook using personal info gathered during a roadside assist... yikes.

8 Things I Look Forward to:
1. Birth of above mentioned baby and hopefully traveling to visit in 2009!
2. My next road trip to Mobile to see friends, whenever that will be.
4. Holding Jeremiah. Holding his little hands, walking with him, and hearing that laugh again.
5. Meeting all the new babies, and reuniting with old friends, babies, and mamas.
6. Seeing my horse Honey at home this week and hopefully going riding if the weather permits.
7. Celebrating New Years and my 25th in Uganda! However that will be.
8. Paying off my school loans. Whenever that will be. :)

8 Things I Wish For:
1. To be debt free! And for my parents to be secure, retirement-wise.
2. To be able to go, at some point in my life, for a long term mission to Uganda and short/long term work in other countries, as well as to work as a PT on the Mercy Ship at some point.
3. A local stables where I can bring Honey up to live near me
4. A husband who understands, respects, and encourages the desires of my heart, especially the desire to adopt.
5. The ability to play any musical instrument well by ear or with a little practice.
6. A puppy! But only after Honey moves to Nashville.
7. A lifetime pass to fly anywhere I want for free, first class (okay maybe i've been watching too much Lost)
8. Clear skin so I dont feel like a teenager forever, ha.

Okay. I'm supposed to tag folks but no one's really reading this journal yet, so I will tag Nitasha, Katie D., and possibly Sarah K.!

ps- one week from tonight I will be landing in Entebbe. YAY!

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