Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dear Uganda,

My heart aches for you so much it hurts. Not just sometimes... many, many times.

When will I see you again?



lindsey brooke said...

hey lady! we are good! missing our street kids for sure... but glad to be home with fam/friends/etc... God is good!

how are you!?!

Keisha Suzanne said...

I feel your pain. I lived in Africa over the last two years and I'm not in America taking care of my mom following a major surgery. My heart aches for AFRICA once again and the tears show it.
Remember with God all things are possible.

lindsey brooke said...

yes ma'am... we are in texas! :) north houston area...

julie d said...

those quiet, gentle reminders are the ones that get me the most. we should talk.