Sunday, November 21, 2010

In my mind, the departure for Uganda might as well be tomorrow with the sense of urgency I feel about getting ready. What have you been doing these two long years since you were last there? my brain shouts... Why are you not ready? But I wont ever be perfectly ready. I'm just going to get done what I can and then continue what I can from whichever geographical location I find myself in.
Emily (Worrall, of Ekisa ministries) has FOUND and signed for a house! I'm so excited to hear this. Next, she is waiting to hear of approval for Ugandan NGO status so they can start moving in kiddos. I was touched when I saw a post about another girl she may be taking in soon and thought I should share this photo of Nancy. I don't know much about her but my heart breaks for children like this... in our own country and in many other countries who could benefit from the least bit of intervention, whose parents could easily learn some very helpful tips that could go a long way in optimizing quality of life for these kids. Side note: I don't like "scare tactics" and sad photos from infomercials to motivate people to care and get involved, but to me this photo is hopeful because I know this girl is loved and cared for.

I'm making lists of easy to carry therapy equipment for the children's home (theraball, sensory toys, etc) and trying to figure out how to best meet bigger needs (swingset for therapy and daily care? braces/helmets/walkers).

Also trying to save for the boys home and Kaihura needs we want to provide for. The Christmas season is proving rough for fundraising and saving. I'm behind on personal bills yet here I sit at a coffee shop, contemplating going out to see the new Harry Potter later... perhaps there is even more cracking down to be done on a personal level.

If you're in the Nashville area, please come out on Tuesday Nov 30 to Rocketown. There is a Red Earth Trading Co. Christmas Party, where they will have goods to benefit Global Support Mission and my friend Katie Snyder is going to be selling prints small and large to benefit the Caring Place boys home! Spread the word.


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Matthew said...

It's all gonna come together. Hang in there.