Saturday, November 15, 2008


One face I look forward to seeing again, just one of so many.

If I could seek prayer from you guys about something sort of unspoken, I'd love to ask for that now. I realize as I look through a lot of my photos, that there are some memories that are going to be hard for me to deal with as I go back over this year. It pains my heart still, almost a year later, and I am a little afraid of how it will affect me once I'm there. I am just praying that the Lord will mend this wound and allow me to truly move on without all this hurt. And to truly serve with an open, unembittered heart. 

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NiTasha said...

oh, sweet lovely you.
i wish i could sit with you and cry and pray and talk tonight.

in happier news, my word verification is 'tards'. hqhqhqhq