Sunday, November 16, 2008

she's mental.

Spent tonight tagging and bagging some items for Global Support's 2nd ave. party tomorrow night. If more people knew about this blog thus far, I'd tell you all to come...but I guess that's moot for now. Regardless, I've spent most of today and this weekend thinking about the trip. As I fell asleep last night I was beginning to dream of something relating to Africa, and still thinking about the aforementioned/blogged situation... and first thing when I woke up I ran into Melissa online.
The dear girl assured me that they'd be saving me a spot in the house come December, and she gave me a little more info as to things that are going on around town. Suubi seems to be growing exponentially... they are working with over a hundred women who are making the necklaces, and no doubt forming lasting relationships there. I believe a couple of the guys are doing weekly meals in a nearby village, and I'm hoping to find out more about that. Maybe my coworkers might be interested in sponsoring one of these meals? I wonder if I'm allowed to ask about this.
The wheels are spinning.
And at times today, I've almost felt sick with it all spinning like this. Tears came to my eyes at church today as the pastor was talking about purpose, and only mentioned the word missionary before my mind was off on its own tangent. I envisioned myself holding Jeremiah, or walking down the street on the way to the babies' home...and here it is November...and I am already feeling the pain of what it will be like to leave another place I long to call home.


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Amy said...

AMANDA! your going back?! WHEN